Ask a person in India for tea!! You would find yourself near the stove, heading out with a cup of hot tea after few minutes. If a person refuses tea in India, it simply means he/she isn’t normal. India is proud to have its most favorite and sought after drink as Chai(Tea). Everywhere and every-time and for every mood, it is chai. Wherever you go, it is chai that they offer you first. So, what’s so special about chai in India? Is there any special ingredient or anything that makes people want it more? If not, what is so special about it that?

Being the second largest producer of tea after China, India holds in pride with regard to the producer of Assam and Darjeeling tea. Demand the type of tea you want from these tea manufacturers in India with the flavors of your choice and bam!!! You have it.

Ok fine, when do you usually care about having a cup of tea? The answer would be “when I really feel like having one” or “occasions.” The best part about this in India is that, it is a daily routine and certain people cannot start the day without a hot cup of chai. Indians do not need any occasions to have tea and you could spot almost every working professional, having tea in their break hours. With sustainable growth in the market for coffee, its rivalry competitor – tea, has evolved a lot in its market and is considered the best business for tea manufacturer in Mumbai. An ironical fact about chai is that, at times of financial crisis during month ends, where purse gets to become thin, chai would be the breakfast for certain people. Such is the tradition and ritual of chai in India.

Tea is what makes Indians go actively on their daily routine life. People who visit Starbucks, Barista or Café coffee day would be comparatively less to the people who you could spot in a local chai shop. Smoking a cigarette in one hand with a chai in other hand would probably be the best stress buster for anyone in India. Mumbai has never seen a tea manufacturing factory run out of business wherever it is located. Having a business as tea manufacturer in Mumbai would fetch you the best profits you would have ever seen. The reason behind this is because of how the tea leaves are cultivated and brought in the hands of a working class citizen, itself is a wonderful process.

Trust us on this! A tea manufacturer in Mumbai makes more money in a month than a working class IT professional. With all of this being said, a common question would rise in your mind that, with so much demand for tea, technically the rate of a single cup of tea would be so high in India. Contrary to your tea, you could get tea at just Rs.10 at every tea shop in India. So, in short, it is a vacation in a cup for the working class people of India, while they have a cup of tea.


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