For the people who love Tea, it is not just a drink; it is an art. The tea is a culture that has found its origins in the Indian way of living and working uniquely and differently. Tea has become an essential part of the same. Some of them feel they can’t "GET UP" without a cup of tea, and some demand it to make the rainy season more beautiful, whereas some people love to enjoy it only with milk. Also, there are those who love it with the ice. The regular milk refreshment has come a long way from its original forms of drinking and is now experienced globally with a lot of sides.

In India, tea is not just a drink, but much more to start your day. Tea has become a vital component of the culture and life of every Indian. If you walk around any local Indian road, you will find the tea sellers cooking up a hot Masala Chai for their consumers. According to the research, it is said that Indians utilize about 837,000 tonnes of tea every year, making it the country’s most famous and beloved beverage.

Following are some of the tea stories which made tea a unique and integral part of every Indian. A gift from the Britishers

According to researchers, it is said that tea was first consumed in India only for medicinal goals back in 500 B.C. The culture of sipping tea became famous because of the Britishers. They explored Indians in having black tea with milk and sugar. Later on, Indians developed this tea recipe by adding Indian spices. And this is how Masala Chai was created and introduced in India. The British East India Company began tea production in the 19th century in the foothills of the Himalayas. Today, from India Darjeeling and Assam Teas are the most traditional and popular varieties in the country.

A Perfect Companion

Tea is granted as the perfect companion for many occasions in India. It is the classic way to enjoy a rainy day, the warm, refreshing cup on a winter morning and even a quiet drink on a hot summer afternoon. Tea is known to spur the senses and refresh the mind and body. Therefore, it is also absorbed before important meetings, on a bad day, and to make your good day even better.

A Social Event

India is a country where guests are considered a manifestation of God. Tea is the definite idea to address guests at home accompanying with some hot snacks. You can’t deny a cup of tea in the country, or your host might get offended. Sipping tea has become a high culture in India. Many of them host tea-parties to celebrate special occasions. Tea has become a sign of companionship, and it builds connections like no other form of food or drink.

A Conversation Starter

Even if you are on a first date, meeting your friends after a long day or with your office associates for a tea break, Chai resembles to break the ice and helps people to interact with each other on a better level. Tea time is associated with an idea of holding every activity from taking a moment to sip of Chai and have a small chit chat session.

Today, India is pleased to be the second biggest tea producer in the world. According to the researchers, India has become one of the most technologically furnished tea industries and accounting for almost 31% of global tea production. In India Assam, West Bengal, Himachal Pradesh, and Kerala are the leading states for tea production, with Darjeeling Tea holding one of the world’s most valuable teas.

It is quite surprising to note that, without having tea it is impossible to imagine the beginning of the day. Tea has undergone such an enthralling journey of evolution. So brew your warm cup of happiness and be a part of this fantastic world of tea and create your own tea stories.


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