Originating in Southwest China as a medicinal drink many, many years ago, to the recreational, heart-warming beverage present in almost every household across the world, tea has had quite an interesting journey over the years. And while most countries treat is an occasional drink, in India, tea is an inseparable part of the very culture.

Here are ten reasons why it is not just a beverage but a lifeline to the tea lovers.

1. To wake up fresh in the morning

Everybody needs that blissful kick of caffeine in the morning to get rid of the sleepy crankiness and get ready for the day. Though coffee certainly contains the highest amount of caffeine, tea is not much far behind in the list. A big mug of black or green tea will hit you with the necessary amount of caffeine in the morning and keep your rejuvenated for the rest of the day.

2. To improve digestion and bowel system

Green tea is known to have excellent healing properties for a number of ailments, one of which is stomach problems. The detoxifying nature of Pasio green tea helps soothe the stomach, strengthen the digestive function and a smooth and regular bowel.

3. To relax the mind and body

Tea is a very unique beverage in the sense that energises you and calms you down at the same time. No other beverage does both. Green tea is widely famous for its stress relieving, wound healing and anxiety soothing properties.

4. To keep cancer at bay

As per many studies, the anti-cancer properties of green and black tea are mind-blowing. Drinking tea 2-3 times a day has been greatly helpful at keeping cancer in any part of the digestive tract away. Moreover, using Pasio Stevia cut leaves as a natural sweetener in your tea further cuts down the chances of cancer by a whopping 23%. In that sense, your tea will literally be a lifeline.

5. To keep blood sugar and diabetes under control

Tea, especially herbal masala tea, has special ingredients which help in regulation and maintenance of blood sugar level. is rich in spices like clove, cinnamon and cardamom which increase insulin secretion in the body and thus keeps the glucose content in control. Sometimes, due to lack of enough physical activity, calories tend to settle down in the form of body fat, thus leading to diabetes as well as obesity. By regulating the blood sugar level, tea helps you in killing multiple birds with one stone, which means keeping other consequential ailments at bay.

6. To fight against common infections

It is common practice to drink tea with ginger when you catch cough or cold. But why go only with ginger when you can utilise the goodness of a whole lot of ingredients. The spices present in the Pasio masala tea have great anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-parasitic properties. Moreover, the savoury flavour of the tea helps the tongue find taste, which is usually a difficult thing to do when you have a cold.

7. To help battle dementia

Pasio green tea with stevia leaves and tulsi contains a chemical called epigallocatechin-3-gallte or EGCG, which decreases plaque build-up in the brain and nerve cells and slows down the process of their degeneration, thereby assisting in delaying the early onset of dementia. It is especially helpful for the patients who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease.

8. To improve dental health

The catechins present in green tea are the answer to a having a great dental health and avoiding the frequent sessions at a dentist’s chair. These chemicals inhibit the excessive growth of bacteria in the body, including the oral cavity and stops streptococcus bacteria from spreading, which are the main enemy of healthy gums and teeth.

9. To keep the body detoxified and hydrated

Tea is the second best hydration for the body after water. Whether you prefer drinking it black or green, they contain a whole lot of antioxidants which flush away the harmful toxins from the body. The free radicals in the body steal from other molecules, thus harming the healthier cells in the process and aging the body quicker than intended. The antioxidants present in black or green tea help to clear them out. These beverages are also great hydrating agents. Develop a practice of drinking tea twice a day and you can see the change reflecting in your skin yourself.

10. To enjoy an unmatched flavour in beverages

The uniqueness of tea once again reflects in its flavour. Very few beverages are there which have the capacity to leave such a sense of mesmerisation on the taste buds like tea can. Try Pasio premium tea, which is a 80%-20% blend of the finest quality of Darjeeling tea and Assamese tea, handpicked and sorted in the perfect balance. The fresh aroma of the tea will immediately soothe your senses, and then comes the burst of flavours and a richness of taste which is unparalleled by its own merit.


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