A cup of tea is one of the best ways to strike a conversation, learn something new and get close to a person. The warm emotions shared over a cup of tea go a long way. Furthermore, even if you are an introvert, you will find that a warm tea and a wonderful conversation, help you find peace and happiness.

When it comes to conversations on a cup of tea, there is no need for you to find something too deep to talk about. A simple conversation about your likes, dislikes and conversations about your plans for the near future would do.

How to strike a conversation with someone over tea?

Not all of us are adept in putting our emotions forth and are comfortable in creating a conversation. There are various reasons to start a conversation, but if you are not sure as to how can you enjoy your cup of green tea, then here is how you can strike a conversation with just about anyone:

  • Read the Mood: : If you are sitting with somebody, and you just met them, then you should begin by reading the mood. Understand the kind of mood the person is in, and keep the conversation light.
  • Make sure that you do not overdo it:Once you start the conversation, make sure that you are not overdoing it. Understand what needs to be said and understand when you need to stop.
  • Avoid Deep and heavy conversations: For first time conversations with someone, make sure that you find the correct line of conversation. Avoid deep and heavy topics, absolutely do not touch the subject of the past and make sure that you make them laugh.
  • Be funny and happy: : The classic way of enjoying a cup of tea with anyone, someone who is older than you or is younger than you, is to have fun. You could make jokes or simply smile more often.

Conversations to have over a cup of tea

The best part about a cup of tea is that you can enjoy it in solitude or with a group of people. The reason behind such a pleasant enjoyment of tea is that it helps you get close to yourself and to others. If you are wondering what kind of conversations can you have with a cup of tea in your hand, then here are some ideas:

The Present

The best way to break the ice or to get know someone or even to keep someone company is to talk about the present. Talk about the weather, or about what you plan on doing next. And if you are not at home, you could simply talk about how bad the traffic is and wait for the conversation to go from there.

Small Talk

Small talk is the perfect way to talk to the person next to you, without making them feel pressured about talking to you or creating a conversation. There are various kinds of things you could talk about, all you need to do is just pick up anything from your surroundings, a song that is playing in the background, a car that zooms across the street or about the type of food that you would like. Anything can make be used to create small talk.

A conversation with yourself

Although it may sound easy to talk to yourself, most of us are probably wondering where can we start. There are no easy answers or a way to add create a conversation with yourself. However, with a warm cup of tea in your hands, you should be able to find the correct way to speak to yourself and connect to the person within. You need to find a line of conversation, which allows you to connect to yourself and helps you find the correct answers that you have been looking for. A conversation with yourself will help you understand what you need in life.

A Friendly discussion

Surely, a cup of tea is not really enjoyable without company. You can love your alone time, but there is nothing like a cup of tea with your friend. You can find the time to discuss certain things, talk about your life in general and find the time to talk about the things you would rather not tell anyone to your friend. A cup of tea helps you create a personal space, a space where only you and the other person exist. So, this makes for the perfect time to talk about the things that you hide from everyone.

The first conversation

We all know how love feels, and the first-ever conversation with your beloved would just end up in a wreck if you are not careful. So, to be in your element, the best way to do so is to do it with a pleasant cup of tea. Take your love to the best place that serves tea, and find the correct recipe for your love with a conversation. Keep it light and pleasant, there is no need to hurry with a confession. Relish the wonderful joy of love for conversations.

Conversations over a cup of tea, have an enduring effect. The reasons can be different for each person, but the primary reason for this is that a cup of tea helps you warm up to person and allows you to enjoy the company of the person next to you.


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