Pasio Tea A Healthy Drink with The Extracts Of Stevia

PASIO tea provides the best quality tea products with a focus to cheer up your mood with a cup of tea. And especially if you are an Indian, then you know the significance of a cup of tea. It energizes, and rejuvenate us. We are so attached to tea that sometimes we do ignore its side effects because of its ingredients, but PASIO has come up with an idea to provide us a healthy and organic cup of tea.

It uses Stevia , which is a sweet-tasting plant for sweetening our beverages. It is used as a non-nutritive and herbal rich sweetener. It comes with zero calories and a healthy alternative to added sugar. But it is interesting that it is much sweeter than our regular sugar. It has a lot of health benefits. Stevia contains less than five grams of carbohydrates in its composition. Its low calorie makes it a useful and healthy alternative for diabetes people who can’t stay without tea and other beverages. Let’s discuss few health benefits of Stevia.


As per research, the sweetness of Stevia does not add any calories or carbohydrates to your regular food. It does not affect our blood glucose or insulin as well. For this reason, the diabetic people can eat a veriety of food, but that should be healthy. Apart from that Stevia does not have any effect on our insulin level, blood pressure, and weight. It is quite impressive that, Stevia possesses a great ability to reduce blood glucose of type 2 diabetic patients. It is confirmed by one of the studies. It also maintains the glucagon hormone that controls the glucose level in your body. Usually, the diabetic patient has a faulty glucagon hormone, but Stevia makes it balanced.

Overweight And Obesity

We do face a lot of problems due to weight and obesity. It leads to physical inactivity, increases at and sugar in our body. Our food intake and sugar is the main reason for gaining weight, as per a source. And that enhances our blood glucose level. In this case, Stevia can be quite useful due to its low calorie and low sugar. It can be a helpful part of our well-balanced diet and assist in reducing energy intake.

Pancreatic cancer

In Stevia , there are many sterols and antioxidant compounds like kaempferol. And this is the primary factor to decrease the risk of pancreatic cancer by up to 23 percent according to a report.

Blood pressure

There are few glycosides in the stevia extract, which can dilate our blood vessels. It can increase sodium excretion and urine output from our body. As per a study, Stevia has the potentiality to lower our blood pressure. The cardiotonic actions materialized in the Stevia plant can normalize the blood pressure and can also control our heartbeat.

So Stevia is quite useful for our body, and it is beneficial to take stevia instead of table sugar for keeping yourself healthy and energetic.


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