Beverages and snacks are two of the most essential things in our lives. We heavily indulge in our cravings for good tea and some delicious snacks from time to time. And if we find the perfect blend of these two together, there is nothing better than that!

When it comes to finding the correct blend of the right flavors with your tea and finding the exact snack, there are no particular rules to it. However, you should keep certain things in mind. If you make your snack time worth complimenting your green tea you will need to keep the following things in mind:

Time : First things first, always remember to consider the time you indulge in your cup of tea. Since our beverages are quite light, we can find the time to have them at any time. However, if you plan on fixing a quick snack for your tea, make sure that you consider the time. Make sure you light snacks if you have your tea before lunch, heavier snacks if it is the morning or evening.

Understand the components: Make sure that whatever snack you fix to go along with your tea, you do so after understanding the essential elements that go into creating such snacks. There are times when you cannot mix two ingredients, as it would not go with the tea.

Apart from this, you will need to make sure that you understand what you like. If you are fixing some snacks for a party or people other than you, you should make sure that you find the correct tastes according to the preferences of many. Make sure that you understand what people usually like, and you create something that works in harmony with your tea.

List of snacks to have with Tea.

There is no better joy than enjoying an excellent snack with a good cup of tea. Whether you love your green tea or your regular tea, here is a list of snacks that you can indulge in to add a bit of flavor to your tea:

Tea Cakes

As the name suggests, tea cakes are typically accompanied by a cup of tea. These are light and are usually made with some dried fruits. Although tea and tea cakes are considered as an English tradition, there is nothing better than finding something that is not too sweet or too bland to go with your cup of tea.

These could small buns or loaves of cakes, whichever you prefer. Classy and delicious, tea cakes make for the perfect tea companions.

English Madeleines

English Madeleines is yet another classy choice of snacks to have with tea. These are extremely soft and go well with just about any kind of tea. Whether you intend to have green tea or you wish to have black tea, the classy nature of these cookies will add a hint of delicious sweetness to your tea time. Traditionally, these cookies were flavored with just vanilla, but some even have lemon in them, which makes them perfect for green tea and black tea lovers.

Kathi Rolls

As Indians, we simply love when the flavors burst into life in our mouths. If you are a fan of tasting various flavors and love a decent snack, then Kathi Rolls are what you need. These can be made with diced vegetables, chicken and other kinds of sauces. However, depending on the time of your tea, you can add more or fewer ingredients.

Kathi Rolls make for the perfect evening snack with your tea.

Paneer Pakoda

The classic Indian way of finishing up a cup of tea with friends or at a family gathering is with paneer pakoda. There is nothing better than steamy hot pakodas on a rainy day with the people that you love. The delicious taste of the crisp coating and the soft, soft paneer simply help you fill your tummy and help you enjoy the company of others.You could have the pakoras with ketchup, chutney or any other type of additive to add more flavor to it!


This Gujarati snack is one of the most common snacks to have with your cup of tea. The sweet and tangy taste of the bite is loved by many. Made with love, this dish is an amalgamation of moong dal, baking soda and green chillies. The snack is served with onions as well.Low on calories and a classy companion for your beverages, these add the perfect taste to your hot tea!


Is there anyone who doesn't love a crisp and tasty samosa with their cup of chai? Tea always tastes better with a samosa and some delicious chutney. Samosas are crisp and filled with various veggies, which simply adds to the tastes of the tea. Apart from this, the almost spicy nature of the samosas add to the flavor of the tea.

Apart from the above-mentioned snacks, you can simply indulge with some butter biscuits or the classy Indian choice of rusk. Biscuits and rusk help you enjoy the perfect taste of your tea, and help you taste what your tea tastes like. Other than this, you can also find the time to make use of bread and butter as snacks!

Remember to consider what kind of mood you are in, and at what time you are fixing your snacks with tea to enjoy them the most.


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