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At PASIO, our experts get together and bring about the best quality tea products that never fails to enliven your mood and soothe the soul. Enjoy a cup of piping hot tea through our outstanding range and be rejuvenated for the day.


Premium Tea

Get rich taste and bold aroma from handpicked Assam tea leaves. Make your mornings fresh with a cup of Premium Tea.

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Tea Masala

If you like bold taste then Tea Masala is just for you. Get your own flavourful chai blended with herbs and spices.

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Green Tea

Your fitness regime gets a worthy partner with our green tea. Enjoy 2-3 cups daily and get a world of goodness to benefit your health.

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Green Tea with Stevia & Tulsi

Enjoy sweet tasting tea without the health scare associated with processed sugars. Get a jolt of sweet taste in your tea.

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Become A Distributor

Independence with Pasio

Running your own tea distribution business gives you unmatched financial independence

Growth driver

You get to be a valuable partner in the growth story of Pasio Tea

Industry Expertise

Your in-depth industry knowledge lets you scale up distribution faster than ever before

Get total support

For Pasio our success means immense business success for your venture

Be Successful

With your independent entrepreneurial venture you can touch new skies of success

Better Network

Build a wide retail network that adds immense business value to Pasio

Optimize inventory

Work with Pasio to run a business that makes products always available to customers

Build relationships

By enabling a wider reach for products you unlock phenomenal opportunities

Tea Shop

Special occasions demand everything special. Why must your tea lag too far behind? Check out the wide array of tea to invigorate your day.

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Green Tea
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Tea Bags
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Herbal Tea
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Our Blogs

Read on about anything and everything in Tea – the ultimate fresh family beverage .

Top stories of Tea this week

For the people who love Tea, it is not just a drink; it is an art. The tea is a culture that has found its origins in the Indian way of living and working uniquely and differently.

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Herbal Tea Range by Pasio Tea

Dating back to Ancient Egypt and China, herbal tea has been used for hundreds of years. It is famous for its health benefits and great taste.

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